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Free UK Delivery* on all orders over £39
Free UK Delivery* on all orders over £39

Loyalty Scheme

At 4 Paws and More we like to reward our loyal customers and we offer many ways to collect points with 4 Paws Rewards.

How do you earn points?

 Sign Up

50 Paw Points

Place an order

Every £1 = 4 Paw Points

Follow on Instagram

25 Paw Points

Like on Facebook

25 Paw Points

Celebrate a birthday

100 Paw Points

Leave a review

50 Paw Points

What are your points worth?

 500 Paw Points

5% off purchase

1000 Paw Points

10% off purchase

1500 Paw Points

15% off purchase

2000 Paw Points

Free Shipping


How do you redeem your points?

Become a member of 4 Paws Rewards to be able to redeem your points.
Additional Info:
  1. We allow guests to earn rewards but they can only be redeemed by becoming a member.
  2. There is NO expiry date for the points you have earned.
  3. There is NO minimum purchase amount in order to redeem your points.
  4. Points are rewarded for successful orders.
  5. Points are revoked for refunded orders.
  6. Points are not rewarded for shipping costs.
  7. Only one coupon/reward/discount code can be used per order.
  8. Points can be collected and redeemed on Subscription Services.
  9. Points for leaving a review will be added within 5 days.
  10. Points may be added to accounts manually for competitions and other events - at the discretion of 4 Paws and More.


 4 Paws Rewards Loyalty Scheme